August 10, 2010

caddy got the box and set it on the floor and opened it. it was full of stars.

when i was still - they were still.
when i moved - they glinted and sparkled. i hushed.

her:  but i love that part… the box of stars… it’s such a good metaphor for caddy.

him:  yeah… bright and burning…

her:  but… she’s closed off. in this dark, claustrophobic place.

him:  …but she’s lighting up everybody around her.

May 20, 2010
latest obsession : rob ryan

latest obsession : rob ryan

May 10, 2010

there is something in the air that reminds you of your life.

February 5, 2010
and the sad truth of the matter is
i’ll never get over it … but i’m gonna try.
December 9, 2009


November 16, 2009

i found a prophet at the register in whole foods.

  • him: how are you doing today?
  • me: meh. it's only monday.
  • him: yes, but i like your coat. and you know, i'm just so glad to be anywhere right now.
  • me: (...?)
  • him: a lot of times people think about monday as if it's the same day every week. but they don't think about today... it's a different day.
  • me: i guess you're right.
  • him: and... it's almost tuesday.
November 15, 2009
November 9, 2009
i’m not optimistic, darling, but i’m hopeful. there’s a difference. i’m hopeful.
ira sandperl by way of joan didion.
October 19, 2009
loves the silver fox.

loves the silver fox.

perhaps it is only by a kink in my nature, strong in me even in those days, that i felt in such an existence, the share of the great majority, something amiss. i recognized its social values, i saw its ordered happiness, but a fever in my blood asked for a wilder course. there seemed to me something alarming in such easy delights. in my heart was a desire to live more dangerously. i was not unprepared for jagged rocks and treacherous shoals if i could only have change - change and the excitement of the unforeseen.
somerset maugham